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to the website of the community "Christusbruderschaft Selbitz".

Translation of the various pages is still in progress. We would be pleased to meet you on our website again at a later date.

"Communität Christusbruderschaft Selbitz", a Protestant order within the Lutheran church, was founded in 1949 by Mrs. Hanna Hümmer and Reverend Walter Hümmer. The center of the community is located in Selbitz / Bavaria. Today, 120 women and 6 men are members of the community. The tertiary community of the order comprises 100 persons, i.e. married couples and singles.

In addition to a convent and guest house, the center includes a home for the elderly and nursing home (Walter-Hümmer-Haus). These three houses reflect what the community considers as its mission: spreading the gospel, performing charitable work and prayer.

Moreover, Sisters and Brothers are living in smaller groups (convents) in various federal states of Germany and in South Africa.