The way into the Community

Together with all Christians, the Sisters and Brothers live through the grace of Baptism. The religious calling is a sign of this grace. It is one of many ways to live as a disciple of Jesus Christ today.

Those who ask for admission to the Community know themselves called by Jesus Christ. They want to follow His path and grow in mutual love.

A calling may develop over many years and arise from a deep longing for life, but it may also strike a person completely unexpectedly. God has His own way with each person.

The vocation becomes clearer during the first few years via the stages of Postulancy, Novitiate and Juniorate. After approximately eight years, the Perpetual Profession is celebrated. This is the consent of the Sisters and Brothers to a life-long commitment to the Community. Each decision regarding a religious calling can only be based on the individual’s freedom of choice.

Sr. Silja Grotewold über ihren Weg in die Communität

Klostereintrittbericht (pdf, ca. 1.2 Mb)

Sr. Mirjam Zahn

Sr. Mirjam begleitet die Frauen, die im Postulat
und Novizitat Ihren Weg klären.


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