Tertiary community

From the very outset,

there has been the Tertiary community – a group of single persons, married couples and families who live in a special relation with the Community "Communität Christusbruderschaft". They consider themselves as a pilgrim fellowship who share the calling of the Community in a committed way and who apply it accordingly in everyday life. Today, the Tertiary community encompasses over 100 brothers and sisters.

The intention

to materialize the concept of being God's dwelling among men and living the love of Christ

  • by actively cooperating in our local parishes
  • through spiritual exchange and sharing among our brothers and sisters in regional “cells”
  • by complying with set times of prayer, praying for each other, for the Community and for the world as such
  • by committing to support the Community financially, personally, with its tasks and concerning its spiritual mission

Christina Beck-Haigis, Ehepaar Haußecker, Ehepaar Maurer und Ehepaar Günther feierten im November 2014 das Fest ihrer 25jährigen Zugehörigkeit zur Tertiärgemeinschaft der Communität.

v.r.n.l.: Karin Neußer, Magdalene Fuhr, Katja und Robby Kühne und Gabriele Klem wurden in die Tertiärgemeinschaft aufgenommen. Sie feierten im November 2013 das Fest der Endgültigen Bindung.

Entering the Tertiary community

comprises generally several years of familiarization with the Community and includes the period of candidacy and an introductory time. The prioress, the prior and the office bearers of the Tertiary community decide on acceptance into the Tertiary community.


Ansprechpartner für Tertiäranwärter/-innen

Ingrid von Wietersheim

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Hanjo von Wietersheim

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Interner Bereich

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