Excerpts from the Rules

Adoration of the Triune God

Enter into the space of love of the Triune God. Behold Him and adore Him, who gives your calling safe ground. For it is only in Him, through Him and with Him that you can follow His call in spite of all your humane frailty and receive the gift of your calling. Rules of the “Communität Christusbruderschaft“, page 10

Our calling

Jointly with your Sisters and Brothers, you are called to be the home of God’s love in this World. "You are the tabernacle of God with men." Rules, page 11

Sources of community

Daily behold God’s Word; absorb it with your heart. Faith is rooted in the Word. If you do not nourish yourself through the Word, your faith will waste away and you will fall back onto yourself and the notions of God of your own heart. Rules, page 13


Christ invites you to live in poverty as He did. He wants to communicate to you the fullness of His life. Rules, page 15


Daily nourish yourself at the source of Jesus’ Heart, so that His love becomes the ardour of your love. Rules, page 17


God wants to involve you into His plan of salvation. You shall co-create the great wonders of God where you are and in your time. Jesus Christ wants to come and act through you. This is the secret of obedience. Rules, page 18

Living in relationship

The unity among us is based on the Triune God. “And he will make his living-place with them, and they will be his people, and God Himself will be with them, and be their God.” ...
Live within a sound rhythm of solitude and community. Do not go for community to escape solitude. Do not, however, withdraw into solitude in order to avoid the process of community living. Rules, page 20/21

Leiturgia – mission of prayer

Join the rhythm of prayer of the community. Your presence is indispensable. On days WHEN praying is difficult for you, show by your presence that you worship God even in the face of everything that is troublesome. Rules, page 26/27

Martyria – mission of annunciation

Seek together with your Sisters and Brothers to interpret the signs of the time, to understand the will of God in the present time, and to act accordingly. Rules, page 29

Diakonia – mission of serving

Learn to face the issues and hardships of daily life. Be close to people within the attitude of Jesus: do not refrain from being open; stay accessible and sensitive for other people’s suffering. Rules, page 29


You will not be able to live your calling other than in a fragmentary way. Offer yourself to God with your gifts and limitations; He will make the fragments complete. Rules, page 35

You can find the Rules of the “Communität Christusbruderschaft Selbitz“ in the publishing house “Buch- & Kunstverlag der Christusbruderschaft Selbitz“.

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